LEED Commercial Construction
Typical Projects:
  • Commercial Interiors
  • New Construction
  • School Construction/Projects
  • Project Feasibility
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Karen Joslin: LEED™ Manager

Joslin Consulting is backed by the vast commercial design and construction experience of Karen Joslin. From start to finish to future, Karen excels at keeping green, sustainable project plans on track. A Ohio’s first GREEN Advantage™ certified Environmental Commercial Builder, Karen’s drive and competence combine for an outstanding LEED champion. Your LEED™ Manager is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. So why choose Karen?
Choosing a LEED Manager to focus only on the coordination and management of all LEED goals saves time, money, and avoids unpleasant surprises.

Choosing a LEED manager who is independent from the design, engineering, and construction teams keeps all LEED priorities equal.

Choosing a LEED Manager with firsthand experience with every step in the design and construction process means solutions and strategies will be realistic and easy to implement.

Choosing Karen as that dedicated, independent, experienced LEED Manager adds clear communications, meaningful assistance to the team, and avoids disappointments.
Serving as Board Member and President of the Historic Fort Collins Development Corporation, Karen facilitated the funding and construction of historically sensitive development projects. Preservation and adaptive reuse issues were central to her role in the citywide redevelopment plan known as the Downtown River Corridor Implementation Project. Also in Fort Collins Karen sat in the project owner’s seat as the City Golf Advisory Board liaison for the design and construction of a new clubhouse facility for the city’s championship golf course.

Returning to Ohio in 2002, Karen worked in the Special Projects Group for a well-known General Contractor, evaluating projects, creating estimated budgets, and bidding tenant improvement work.

Forming and operating JOSLIN Construction & Consulting in 2005 provided firsthand experience executing commercial construction work. Now Karen focuses exclusively on providing project owners, design teams, and contractors with complete LEED™ Management services and Sustainable Project Planning, and lists IA Interior Architects, Gensler, Cisco Systems, OSFC, Urban Vision, and Design Collective among her most recent LEED™ project clients.

This broad range of professional experience in all phases of the design and building process provides Karen with a unique perspective. Add to that success in working with cause and effect strategies, and the result is an integrated approach to solving complex planning problems.

The following is a list of responsibilities expertly handled by Karen Joslin.

Project Feasibility Review:

  • Evaluate site selection options
  • Outline Owner Project Requirements
  • Assist with purchase or lease language and terms

Conceptual Design Phase:

  • Facilitate conceptual design charrette and meetings
  • Contribute information on technologies and strategies for consultants’ consideration---assist with research and coordination
  • Evaluate proposed approach on credit by credit basis
  • Register project online for administration

Final Design Phases:

  • Contribute specification language
  • Create and monitor Critical Path assignments for LEED tasks
  • Begin documentation process for submissions, including assembling required modeling studies for energy, daylighting, water use, etc produced by engineers
  • Initiate “Credit Tracking” process
  • Evaluate and recommend Commissioning Authorities

Bidding Phase:

  • Attend all pre-Bid and Bid contractor meetings
  • Present LEED walk through and contractor LEED obligations
  • Assist in reviewing construction bids

Construction Phase:

  • Review submittals and approve Waste Management/IAQ Management Plans
  • Attend Contractor/Owner weekly job meetings to review LEED status
  • Supervise contractor documentation of requirements
  • Continue LEED submission assembly

Occupancy and Submission:

  • Prepare LEED punchlist and closeout
  • Finalize LEED Template package and supporting documentation for final submission
  • Monitor Commissioning requirements
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