Green Building Benefits
Typical Projects:
  • Commercial Interiors
  • New Construction
  • School Construction/Projects
  • Project Feasibility
Why Karen?



Why Build Green?

In the first moments of consideration of a facility construction project, important questions should be asked:
  • Does it make sense to plan a building that will cost less to operate for the next 10-20-30 years?
  • Would the occupants benefit from better lighting and a more comfortable workspace?
  • Do we have the option to choose a location that makes good ecological sense and helps us use the sun’s free energy?
If any answer to these questions is YES, an integrated, sustainable design process is the way to achieve these results and much more.

Green Building Benefits the Bottom Line

Owners of multiple facilities: Colleges and Universities, Corporate Office Campuses, Financial Institutions, and Medical Centers experience positive changes to their bottom line. High-performing buildings start paying off in energy cost savings the first year they are occupied.

Green Building Benefits Communities

Employers who offer high quality workplaces attract and keep valuable employees. Stable, productive workforces contribute to mature cohesive communities with engaged citizens. Properly planned facilities make good neighbors that improve the quality of the surrounding environment rather than disrupt the adjacent residents and natural resources, and contribute to the perception of any locale.

Green Building Benefits People

Large employers, schools, and health care providers are learning that productivity and performance increase measurably in facilities with excellent indoor environments. Fewer absences, better health, more learning, and faster healing are the very real human benefits.

Green Building Basics:

  • Efficient use of energy, water, and other resources in both construction and operation
  • Protection of inhabitant health by ensuring healthy indoor environments
  • Reduction of pollution and environmental degradation
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