LEED Manager
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Why Karen?


When do sustainability factors impact projects?


How LEED™ Construction Works

LEED™ Planning: Before the Beginning to After the End

Joslin Consulting provides Owner’s Representation, Sustainable Design Facilitation, and LEED™ Management to assist, verify and promote your project’s sustainable design efforts.

Project Feasibility Review:

  • Evaluate site selection options
  • Outline Owner Project Requirements
  • Assist with purchase or lease language and terms

Conceptual Design Phase:

  • Facilitate conceptual design charrette and meetings
  • Contribute information on technologies and strategies for consultants’ consideration---assist with research and coordination
  • Evaluate proposed approach on credit by credit basis
  • Register project online for administration

Final Design Phases:

  • Contribute specification language
  • Create and monitor Critical Path assignments for LEED tasks
  • Begin documentation process for submissions, including assembling required modeling studies for energy, daylighting, water use, etc produced by engineers
  • Initiate “Credit Tracking” process
  • Evaluate and recommend Commissioning Authorities

Bidding Phase:

  • Attend all pre-Bid and Bid contractor meetings
  • Present LEED walk through and contractor LEED obligations
  • Assist in reviewing construction bids

Construction Phase:

  • Review submittals and approve Waste Management/IAQ Management Plans
  • Attend Contractor/Owner weekly job meetings to review LEED status
  • Supervise contractor documentation of requirements
  • Continue LEED submission assembly

Occupancy and Submission:

  • Prepare LEED punchlist and closeout
  • Finalize LEED Template package and supporting documentation for final submission
  • Monitor Commissioning requirements
Now that you have a basic understanding of the green building and sustainable design processes, learn why you should build green and why Karen Joslin is the best LEED™ Manager for the job.

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